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Monday, February 7, 2011

Cambodia-Thai Conflict: Update 4 for Travelers

The ceasefire has not held and at 6:35PM local time on Sunday shots were again exchanged with the Cambodian military claiming they were fired upon by Thai soldiers.  Shots continued to be fired on Monday, and the Cambodian government has reported Preah Vihar has been damaged by the artillery fire.  As before, travelers are strongly advised to avoid the area.  The Cambodian government is reporting a Cambodian tourist visiting the temple area has been killed.    

The clashes came despite reassurances from Thailand and Cambodia earlier on Sunday that they were working to defuse border tensions.  Thousands of Thais have been evacuated and Cambodian traders are moving out of the area.  There are reports reinforcements are being sent into the area despite and earlier agreement not to.  Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is asking for UN involvement. 

Because of the possibility of fighting erupting at any time, even when (and if) a holding ceasefire goes in place travelers are highly recommended to avoid traveling to the area until hearing otherwise. 

Please see our earlier updates for more details on what has been happening and the source of the conflict.  This Reuters article, Why Are the Thais and Cambodians Fighting, is also a helpful summary of the conflict. 

Kantharalak and Si Sa Ket are both to be avoided on the Thai side. We will be posting news media and immediate updates via Twitter ( to keep you abreast of the situation.


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