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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Best Southeast Asia Twitters

When you are on the go or just want to stay in the know, Twitter can be a great way to get the news.  It can be a great way to find out what is going on in countries you are visiting, learn more about them before you go, or stay informed once you get back.  Many of the Tweeters who made our list Tweet to a local as well as an international audience, and many of these follow and retweet locals and other news organizations.  So, without further ado, here's our list.

Best Southeast Asia Twitters

1. Southeast Asia News


    Southeast Asia News from Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines & beyond.
    So we are biased--this is the Twitter we maintain.  We are one of the few who Tweet the news, happening, and travel information across Southeast Asia from Burma all the way to Papua. And if you ever want to send us a message, get or give a tip, share your travel blog of just say say, send us a Tweet!

2. Only In Burma


    Only in Burma is a great source on this emerging Southeast Asia destination.  While the Irrawaddy is our favorite online news source, unfortunately it only Tweets links so you don't know what they are Tweeting.  No need to fear because their headlines will show up in Southeast Asia News or in Only In Burma.

3. The Jakarta Globe


    Jakarta news, Indonesia news in English
    The Jakarta Globe is a great regional newspaper.  They focus on Indonesian news, but also cover regional stories.  They are a great source for information before heading out to do some island hopping or staying in the know as you go.

4. Richard Barrow


Full time travel blogger based in Thailand. Promoting anything to do with Thailand Travel, Food & Festivals, Expat Life and tweeting Breaking News.
Paknam, Samut Prakan, Thailand ·
Richard Borrow is the one of the rare “non-institutional” Twitters on our list. Why? Because he is great. While it is his personal Twitter, he provides great coverage of what is happening in Thailand around the clock. You might even get a chance to meet up with him while you are there.

5. The Nation Thailand


Thailand News ,Thai politics , Thailand travel
Bangkok, Thailand ·
The Nation is an English language newspaper that covers national and international news. It tends to be a good source of information, but you may also want to check out the Bangkok Post's @BKK_Post.

6. Canby Publications


Travel(ing,) tour(ing,) explor(ing,) living Cambodia. Publisher of Cambodia's most up-to-date guide books and maps.
Canby Publications make the best guides about Cambodia, hands down, and they also have one of the best Twitters about Cambodia as well. While you might show up with your Lonely Planet in your hand, chances are you will soon have a Canby Guide once you realize how helpful they can be!

7. RadioFreeAsia


Radio Free Asia's mission is to provide accurate and timely news and information to Asian countries whose governments prohibit access to a free press.
Washington, DC ·
While Radio Free Asia covers all of Asia, not just Southeast Asia, it is still a great source of information about the region. It tends to focus on human rights and democracy issues.

8. The Star


News updates from Malaysia's top English-language daily and website
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ·
While some might claim that The Star is not independent when it comes to domestic politics, it is still a good source about what is happening in the nation. Just don't entirely trust it as it covers domestic opposition parties or political leaders!

9. O Vietnam Culture


Fascinating news from Vietnam. Try
This is one of the best English-language Twitter feeds on Vietnam we've found. From culture to what is in the news, this Twitter feed tends to be pretty solid day after day.

10. Phnom Pehn Post


The finest in news and analysis from Cambodia's premier daily English-language newspaper
Our friends from the Foreign Service who were in Cambodia right after the Khmer Rouge tell us stories about the guys and girls over at the Phnom Penh Post—and they are legendary. The online newspaper is a great source of information about what is going on in Cambodia on a daily basis.

11. Santel Phin


If you think Tuk Tuk drivers in Cambodia are the richest men in the world, you're wrong!
By far Cambodia's most famous blogger, Santel Phin offers a wealth of information about his country be it on his blog, the Paper.Li newspaper he currates, and his Twitter feed. A great guy always willing to give some advice or tips, if you are visiting the Kingdom of Cambodia you should be following him before you get there!  While this is a personal Twitter account, the news and information he shares is invaluable.

12. Philstar News


Philippine news and entertainment portal for the Filipino global community
Manila, Philippines ·
The Philippine Star is a great daily news source with a terrific Twitter feed on what is happening in the nation today. We especially like them because although they do tweet international news their focus really is on what is happening in this diverse country every minute of the day.

We also have a few honorable mentions that you might find interesting as well. These include @voakhmer, The Voice of America Cambodia Twitter, which is a great additional news source for what is happening in Cambodia. For more about what is happening in Thailand and around Bangkok @GeorgeBKK always has something to say and does a great job Tweeting the news. The Jakarta Post is another great Twitter feed on what is happening in Indonesia @JakPost.  Another great Cambodia Twitter is @LoveCambodia.  Yahoo Philippines also have a good feed @YahooPH that is nearly all in English. And @WSJSEAsia, the Wall Street Journal's Southeast Asia twitter, does a pretty good job of sharing the news that appears within the Wall Street Journal and its Southeast Asia Realtime Blog.  Following the different county's Embassy Twitters is also a good idea if you want to stay informed about news that might relate to your nationality, including travel alerts and warnings and Embassy-sponsored events.

There are lots more great Tweeters, though, than we can mention here--so don't feel bad if we didn't mention you.  Take some time to explore who the above follow, and get in on the conversation, learn something new, connect and engage. So, we hope you save safe travels, and remember—knowledge is power!


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